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    Default Crawl space storage.

    I'm thinking of putting carpeting in my concrete crawl space
    for storage,do i need to put a vapor barrier down first,
    the house is a 3-step ranch and the crawl space is dry,
    it's 6 years old.

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    Default Re: Crawl space storage.

    I'd just throw or give it all away. It will make for a quicker move some day.

    Just kidding.

    How are the moisture/humidity levels where you live?

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    Smile Re: Crawl space storage.

    By all means, install a vapor barrier under your carpeting. Concrete will always sweat, with the change in humidity. The vapor barrier will keep your carpet dry, preventing that awful mildewy smell later.

    Enjoy your Christmas.

    Greetings from Minnesota.

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