Well it’s no award winner but I still remember it well.

A long time ago I owned a little green hot rod Chevy pickup truck that I very much admired and kept spotless. I had a brand new house with all white walls and the wife insisted we start painting.

Off I went to the home center and put several gallons of paint in the back of my truck.

I had a few other stops to make and kind of forgot about the paint.

Let’s just say that I drove that pickup a little differently than I drive today. I had the stereo cranking out some rock and roll and was driving pretty fast around the corners. I stopped at a traffic light and these two guys pulled up next to me both having quite the gut buster of a laugh while looking my direction. I didn’t think much of it and rolled on home, pulling up and parking in the drive way. I walked around to get the paint only to see paint pouring out from under the tail gate…………………….. It was then that I realized why the guy’s were laughing. The cans had been rolling around in the back of that bed, the tops had all popped off and there was latex paint everywhere. Mauve paint all over my pretty little truck.