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Thread: Tubed skylights

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    Brad May Guest

    Smile Tubed skylights

    I love your show and am a avid fan, have learned a lot thank you.
    Here is my question:

    I am thinking about installing some skylights ( tubed type ).
    There are basically 2 types of tubes, rigid and flexiable.
    From my previous adventures of ducting my range hood exhast fan thru the roof. I found out that flexiable is easier
    to work with than rigid tubling. My question is: the rigid tubing
    is completely smooth while the flexable has wrinkels it it. How much light will I lose by using the flexiable over the rigid tubing?

    Also as a side note: after my little project is done (by me)
    I am going to have a new roof installed. not because of my project, it is just time ( 20 yrs ) to do it -- so really all I am saving
    is the cost of a contractor to install my new skylights.

    Any information on this subject clould also be forwared to me at:

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    Default Re: Tubed skylights

    Since one of the key components of these solar tubes is the mirror like finish inside, you'll be reducing light transmissions considerably by using a corrugated style pipe instead of the rigid. Also, the more twists and turns there are, the less efficient the lighting will be.

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