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    This may not count as black and blue but it was something pretty dumb that I did. Several years ago my mailbox post was rotting and I figured, no problem, I can fix it. My hubby was out of town so I ventured out to the store and purchased a new post. I went to the back yard and worked and worked trying to get the mailbox put on. For some reason I couldn't get it together. I stopped for a while and then decided that I was WOMAN and would not allow a silly mailbox to defeat me. I started back to work and finally got things together. I got our nice new drill out and drilled pilot holes thinking that those home improvement shows had taught me a few things. I got the holes drilled, screws put in and, with a sigh of relief and a grin, patted myself on the back. There, to my surprise, was my mailbox, hanging beautifully on the post.....upside down. Not one to be totally defeated, I carried the entire thing to church on Sunday and used it for my children's sermon. Like I said, I am woman and will win, one way or the other.

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    It's not upside-down...... it's the new improved model with a self-closing door.

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