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    Default Upstairs Bathroom

    We moved to a house ( built 1975) that is wall paper hell.... Even the bathroom has it. Well had it I pulled it off - Now It is even worse looking.... I have scraps on the wall but also the texture is sandy feeling I need to know as a woman who is limited on funds and will do the most of this on my own what do I do ? any advise or ideas?


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    Default Re: Upstairs Bathroom

    Did you mean sc****s instead of scraps? I just got done taking down a bunch of wallpaper in preparation to paint. Most of glue residue left behind can be sc****d off after you dampen it a bit. We were able to use just warm water and a putty knife. You can try the wallpaper removal chemicals if water doesn't cut it. After you have sc****d off the bulk of the residue and have wiped off any excess water, let the surface dry and run over it with a sander (sanding pad or electric) to get the surface smooth for paint. If you do have sc****s in the sheetrock run over them with some sheetrock mud and sand them down for a smooth finish. Good luck.

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