Hello everyone, I'm happy to be a new member to TOH forum.I'm sure this place will lend itself to a wealth of professional information.
Most people think of Wallpaper as the stuff with fruit,plaid,stripes,farm animals,etc. your mom use to attempt to slap on the wall.(which reminds me of the job my mom did for my Aunts kitchen where she hung a strip of fruit baskets upside down and relentlessly told me not to say anything everytime we went to visit)But my have times changed.
I graduated from a trade school in the Painting & Wallpapering field,not by choice though(it's where all the girls were,that was ahem!the incentive).I've had my share of hand brushing lumpy paste back and forth on some cheap tissue paper like stuff and attempting to smooth it out on a practice wall with to my surprise... success.

Well fast forward umpteen years later, I'm still in the business. Only now, things have gotten a bit more challenging.
Oh,materials like:

Wood veneers
Glass bead
Mother of Pearl

Each of these are Very high dollar as you can imagine...and Very high dollar to install I might add.
So if anyone has any questions about techniques,adhesives,wall preparation...repeat WALL PREPARATION,i.e. how to's,primers,wall conditions, feel free to ask,I'll do my best to answer your specific situation.