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    Last year I put in a new American Cherry hardwood floor on the first floor of my home.
    The floor was put over an existing layer of pine flooring.
    My home was built in about 1895.
    There is a basement below the first floor.
    Last winter the floor would get so cold - I couldn't walk with out shoes in the house.
    Does anyone have advice for a freezing cold floor?

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    Possibly insulate the underside of the floor from the basement side.

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    I do not mean to be impertinent, but could not help thinking: my friend Mary would say, "This is why god invented shearling slippers." My grandmother, who was born in 1882, believed in the use of braided rag rugs for winter. If they fit with your decor, they might be very nice. Modern ones could be made of lovely soft fabric strips, fleece for example. best, M

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