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    I'm planning on building a 2 story deck (about 15' X 20') with a roof composed of photo voltaic solar panels. I have to build the 2 story deck so I can get high enough in order to take advantage of sunlight for the PV panels. I'm trying to decide on what type of footing/supports to use. I was thinking of simply using 6x6 pressure treated perimeter posts sunk 3'-4' in the ground. The ground is sand. Should I just sink the posts in the sand, pack the bottom and sides with gravel for drainage, set the posts in concrete, etc. ?


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    I suspect you probably require cement footer for the posts. Check with your building inspection department ... they'll provide you with the specs as to how deep wide etc. or at least what is allowable.

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    Good post by Canuk!

    Yes, you HAVE TO consult your town hall building dept.

    There has been an epidemic of 2-story deck collapses recently; usually due to overloading the deck with too many people during a cookout, etc., but also because of poor building practices and inadequate load calculations.

    The HOMEOWNER has a liability for any injuries or deaths that occur.

    Check with your insurance co. to see if a 2-story deck will be covered.

    Your building dept. will have requirements for concrete footings, the size of deck lumber, etc. that will make the deck safe.

    There also has to be posted the number limit of people that can be on the deck at a given time.
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