We have a 1916 rowhouse in D.C. with a two-story sleeping porch that we're planning to have insulated and converted into fully functioning rooms. On the bottom floor, we'll be knocking out of part of the back wall to expand the kitchen in this space.

I'm wondering what kind of heating system to have installed. The contractors who have looked at the project have all suggested electric baseboard heat because it would be quickest and cheapest.

I think I would prefer to extend the radiators, but I'm worried this could be difficult. One contractor said that it could be challenging to insultate the floor under the former porch well enough to prevent freezing in the winter. Another contractor said that radiators frequently don't work well when the system is expanded into this kind of space.

I really don't have a lot of money to spend on this project, so I'm sort of inclined to go with the baseboards. But we will be spending a lot of "living time" in the newly expanded kitchen, and I'd like to make sure we're doing this right.

Any pearls of wisdom?