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    Default Selecting an energy efficient screen/storm door for a historical 1880's house

    Dear TOH Experts,
    I have been looking around locally for advice on how to pick modern screen/storm doors that would look as close to vintage period doors, as replacement units, on my circa 1880's house. I realize that energy efficient door replacements would be aluminum, and 1880's doors were wood, but I am just looking for the closest thing to maintain the historical value of my house. Unfortunately, I'm rather new at this internet game and I don't know how to scan the pictures I took of my house entry doors and old screen/storm doors (which my father no doubt installed in 1947 when he bought the house), and upload or attach them to this E-mail. I didn't notice a written address to send the pictures to you to better help me in my quest, but there probably is. Can you help me????
    Thank you very much for you time and consideration in this matter.


    Charlie Hettrick
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