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    Default Storm Door hardware issue

    I am in the process of installing a new storm door over a recently installed pre-hung entry door. The issue I'm running into is that the handles/knobs are going to be in each others way. It wasn't a problem with the original door, it had a much wider frame. I realize I can swap the storm door to open on the opposite side, but that wouldn't be my first choice. Any suggestions? I was thinking about maybe building out the molding to make more room between the doors, but I know that might compromise the insulation ability.

    Any thoughts welcome.

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    Default Re: Storm Door hardware issue

    one day, while trying to enter the entry into the apartment I was renting I was unable to open the storm door. They had just had a new door installed that morning but had not tried to open the door from the outside with the main door closed. The installers came back the next day and sawed off 1/2 of the brass handle on the inside of the storm door. They polished it to make it look nice, and it did. It also worked great. Glad that you are thinking of it ahead of time! Perhaps simply adjusting the hardware or seeing if you can choose different hardware may make it work. good luck!!

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