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    Default Re: Disappointed with modern TOH

    Well, they could go with cheaper remodels, but who would watch a show that ends up with a house that looks like the one they're already living in? Besides, they just can't fill a season with a tract home. They'd have to do several, and they'd end up repeating themselves. Viewers would get bored, sponsors would dry up, and PBS would leave you with Bolivian Basket Weaving.

    There's just nothing exciting about white, textured sheetrock walls, vinyl flooring, wall-to-wall carpet, and vinyl siding.

    A remodel that incorporates some of the design features seen on TOH can be done cheaply if you are an avid DIYer and have the patience of a craftsman. When you have to hire all the trades, there's no such thing as a cheap remodel.

    Even so, spending $60,000 on a linen closet remodel seems a bit over the top. (OK, I'm exaggerating. But you get the point.)

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    Angry Re: Disappointed with modern TOH

    I like the great ideas, but what kills me is that you almost never get a really good detailed look at how or why Tom or others decide why they do most of what they do. It seems almost like were getting a 24 minute infomercial for whomever is donating a product. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching the guys go to a factory where stuff is made, BUT I wish that much detail was consistently shown about materials or choices made for regular joe materials and processes as well. Maybe the producers could stretch the show to a full thirty minutes to include it. I don't care that they make it shorter so commercials can be put in when it is in syndication.

    By the way, anyone seen Norm lately. This season's New Yankee Workshop appears to consist totally of reruns. Anyone know if he is OK?

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    Default Re: Disappointed with modern TOH

    I did watch my first episode of this TV year last Saturday. It seemed to me they just wist through the show talking about small details. I guess a prefab unit would do that, but the show just does not have much appeal this year.
    Well they did talk about a drainage system worth more than my house.

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