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    Default Cracked Lath&Plaster walls

    II would like to find out more about the adhesive system Tom featured on the show,the brand name &where to purchase it & whether it comes with the plastic buttons needed for the project, Thanks

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    Default Re: Cracked Lath&Plaster walls

    I think you will find this article of use.,00.html
    good luck...PM

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    Default Re: Cracked Lath&Plaster walls

    Here's the product you are looking for click on "Painters Pack" or "Contractors Pack".
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    Default Re: Cracked Lath&Plaster walls

    I have a resin based plaster product that will adhere to the existing lath, bond to remaining surrounding plaster, and is easily worked to the same level of surrounding plaster. It is sandable, and water resistant. This product can be used to skim coat plaster walls. It also adheres to wood, tile, glass, concrete. Please email

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