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    Default Leaky shower head when bath faucet is running

    I just had a new Kohler K-t11552 single control bath and shower unit installed by a plumer but when the faucet is running the shower head leaks a little. When you run the shower head and then shut off the shower head and just run the faucet it leaks alot at first then slows to a drip and a drop. I can see that after running the shower head and turning it off and then turning off the water all together it still leaks for several seconds but when it slows down to the drip and drop then I turn on the bath faucet and it sucks the water droplets back in for a second then starts leaking again. Any suggestions on how to keep the shower head from leaking after turning it off. Please reply with questions if anything did not make since.

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    Default Re: Leaky shower head when bath faucet is running

    It is possible that the distance from the faucet valve to the tub spout is more then 11 inches, or the pipe that was used for this is not a steel pipe or brass (preffered) it cannot be Pex or cpvc

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    Default Re: Leaky shower head when bath faucet is running

    I almost sounds like something wrong in the value itself. Sems like when it's in faucet mode, a little bit is leaking into the shower riser tube and running out the shower head. Did you buy teh faucet/shower head from teh plumber or just hire the plumber to install it? I'd call the plumber back in any case. I don't think it's a "problem" but more of an annoyance. Good luck.

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