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    Question concrete block wall hole

    There was a 1 ton airconditioning unit removed from the back of my cement block house. I now have a hole approximately 2 feet by 2 feet in the outside wall. Is it possible to just get some concrete blocks and morter and slide them back in? Thanks for any info you cna share.

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    Default Re: concrete block wall hole

    Sure it is. If you have a side grinder or power saw, equip it with a masonry carbide blade. Some of the blocks will be half blocks. You want to carefully cut the mortar around the half blocks and remove them. A little chisel work to clean up the edges of the remaining blocks and you can weave the new blocks right in. Work slowly, checking for plumb and level and make sure the new blocks are flush with the existing ones. Good weekend handyman project. After the mortar's dry, finish the new area to match the old and you should be good to go.

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