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    I have a Rheem Imperial 90 Plus Natural Gas Furnace. When it was installed I went through all these problems and was ready to have the contractor replace the furnace. As a last ditch effort on his part he talked with the engineering dept at Rheem and eliminated every possibility. They said the only other possibility would be the air supply. So we found that the 2" supply line (reccomended in specs) was not large enough to supply enough air to the furnace and they recommended a 3" line to supply air. The 2" PVC pipe was already installed so we removed the hookup to the furnace and let the air be supplied from the air in the furnace room. That solved the problem and the furnace works fine has been trouble free since 1993.

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    I have a rheem 90plus propane furnace that is constantly recycling, by that I mean it will fire up and run for a few minutes but then flame goes out and fan continues to run for a couple of minutes and maybe quit for a short time then the burner kicks on again and it repeats.. When the flame is on the three lights in window are on. When the flame goes out the top yellow light goes off and the second green light flashes twice then pauses. This says a pressure switch problem but I did all of the suggested things to the switch as mentioned from other posts. It is 30 below with wind chill now but house is ok in temp since it is constantly cycling. Any suggestions???
    Barry t

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