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    Default toilet flange bolt alternative from season 33 episode 25

    I have been trying to figure out where to find these. The host on the show says it's an innovation but neglects to give them a name or say who makes them. They are used in place of johnny bolts or toilet anchor bolts, whatever you want to call them. A threaded lower slides into the flange, then the wax ring goes on, then the toilet, then instead of threading a nut onto the bolt you thread a bolt into the threaded insert in the flange. Any hep is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Re: toilet flange bolt alternative from season 33 episode 25

    Follow this thread over here:

    Note to Jeff P: These forums have way too many categories. It works best to just post a question in one place, otherwise you might end up with two threads of conversation. I'm guessing most of the "regulars" here just click on the "new posts" option at the top, so we shouldn't miss too much. I know for myself, wading through all the categories is tedium.
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