To Richard
They say Necessity is the Mother of Invention.
I currently have a Gas fired Boiler for a Radiant Baseboard system throughout my Tri level home. The Gas bills in my region are astronomical. I purchased a 40 Gallon electric water Heater and through a series of isolation valves mated it to my boiler. By turning a few valves I can use the electric Water heater or my Gas fired boiler. The theory is I should be able to get 155 degrees of water out of the electric water heater. Iím hoping I can use the electric water heater through 75% of the season. And when the temperatures drop to far down that it canít keep up, I will switch to the gas-fired boiler, which can provide 180 degrees of water temperature.

My question to you is will I see a savings using the electric water heater versus the gas-fired boiler? Do you think the system is feasible? Currently I have a few issues with air in the lines I have to work out before I fire it up. Do you think I need an Expansion tank in the line like the boiler has? I would appreciate your opinion on this project.
Thanks Big Joe