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    Default Alternative Boiler Heat Gas/Elec

    To Richard
    They say Necessity is the Mother of Invention.
    I currently have a Gas fired Boiler for a Radiant Baseboard system throughout my Tri level home. The Gas bills in my region are astronomical. I purchased a 40 Gallon electric water Heater and through a series of isolation valves mated it to my boiler. By turning a few valves I can use the electric Water heater or my Gas fired boiler. The theory is I should be able to get 155 degrees of water out of the electric water heater. Iím hoping I can use the electric water heater through 75% of the season. And when the temperatures drop to far down that it canít keep up, I will switch to the gas-fired boiler, which can provide 180 degrees of water temperature.

    My question to you is will I see a savings using the electric water heater versus the gas-fired boiler? Do you think the system is feasible? Currently I have a few issues with air in the lines I have to work out before I fire it up. Do you think I need an Expansion tank in the line like the boiler has? I would appreciate your opinion on this project.
    Thanks Big Joe

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    I am not a plumber but must say I have never heard of anyone doing what you have done before. Did you consult a plumber before doing this? If not I certainly would If I was you and if not do so immediately if not sooner. If you don't have your valves properly set up you can get boiler water inside of your potable water which would allow oil and other contaminents in your drinking water. So what you have done could be potentially life threatening especially if this hot water heater is going to be used for bathing or come into direct contact with your drinking water.
    The better thing to do would be to get a new boiler or at least have a new electronic gas valve installed by a professional. The new valve would keep you from using gas except when there is a call for gas. Another thing to do is put in insulation where there is none and upgrade where it is not sufficient. Lastly but certainly not least of all upgrade your thermostat to a programmable thermostat which you can easily and safely do yourself. It already sounds like you have a serious problem with the air getting into your system so please for your sake call a professional in to look at your system immediately!

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    Default Re: Alternative Boiler Heat Gas/Elec

    The Electric Hot water Heater I am using is only connected to the the heating system. I have another water heater for the domestic hot water. And so far it has been heating the house pretty good. I have not had any outrageous electric bills yet, but i began using the system in the middle of the month. So the next utility bill will decide if i'm gaining any ground against the oil barrons.

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