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    Unhappy Black mold toilet bowl and seat

    I have 2 bathrooms in my house but mostly only use one. The toilet in the guess bath is seldom used. When I do use it, I'll see signs of black mold around the upper part of the toilet bowl and will see signs of black mold on the toilet seat. I've changed the seat to no avail. I've poured bleach in the holding tank all to no avail. Any suggestions. I don't want someone coming into my house and seeing this.



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    Default Re: Black mold toilet bowl and seat

    The only thing I can think of is to clean it once or twice a week with a bleach solution (or straight bleach), or one of those special cleaners for mold (not both!)... and flush it a couple times a day or at least once a day.
    Seems like that mold can get up under the rim and is the dickens to get out. Do you use a bleach bowl tablet in the tank? If you do, remember to flush at least once or twice daily (I think so the bleach doesn't just sit getting stronger all the time in the tank and damaging the guts).

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    Default Re: Black mold toilet bowl and seat

    I'm thinking mildew. Spores are everywhere looking for opportunity.

    If this bath is seldom used and the door is kept closed or mostly so ....or ventilation is poor for some other reason.......then the humidity level in the room may be quite high, which then becomes prime real estate for mildew......or other types of mold.

    If so, I'd suggest better ventilation to keep the surfaces drier. Maybe use a fan if necessary.

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    Default Re: Black mold toilet bowl and seat

    Hope this helps...hey..can't hurt

    This is an excerpt from a thread about mold. The auther is a member and an official with the Dallas Housing Authority.
    so what works? According to the instructor of the mold class I attended, try a spray bottle with the following in it:

    1/2 gal. white vinegar
    1/2 gal. hydrogen peroxide-common peroxide available from your *****tore
    1 cup boric acid
    keep closed tightly
    mix well - use in a spray bottle on a dry surface.

    Shake well and spray area well. The vinegar/peroxide kills active live mold and the boric acid keeps them that way. (Note: uncapped peroxide loses it's oxygen molecules to the air when not capped tight and becomes H2O [water], so keep this solution in a bottle that can be capped off tight).

    Instructor stated that boric acid works on mold bodies like it does on roach bodies - cuts them and they bleed to death because they cannot "coagulate" (snakes and snails and puppydog tails).

    I guess we all know that there are some very beneficial molds, too.

    One last note on the above solution. This solution will not "bleach" out the mold stain. After mold is under control, then you can bring out the bleach and whiten the mold stains if you try this on tile as well as anything else like your toilet seat.
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    Default Re: Black mold toilet bowl and seat

    Thanks for the 'recipe' Andy! :-)

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