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    Question interior color for entrance doors

    Is there a rule of thumb on what color to paint the inside of your homes entrance doors? All the entrance doors are metal. The interior walls are a very light grey (siberian ice) and the ceilings are white...also all the plug covers / light switch covers are white. The trim around the doors are stained wood (pine)and the same pine colored wood is all through the house. I think they should either be painted white or the same color as the grey walls. I NEED HELP!
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    Default Re: interior color for entrance doors

    Whatever color that floats your boat is the correct color. Doors are usually the same color as the trim, which is usually painted. Depending on your tastes and decor, you can paint the door the same color as the stain, the wall, or the ceiling. There is no steadfast rule.
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    Default Re: interior color for entrance doors

    Just like A. Spruce said, there is no rule. I would avoid painting the doors the same gray as the walls as it could end up being too much gray. An ivory or creamy white is a nice option.
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    Smile Re: interior color for entrance doors

    I agree with Marcy & A. Spruce-no specific rules to follow. Like Marcy, I don't think I would go gray. Antique white would be nice, or if you're looking for more "color", pick up an idea from some of the furnishings/decor you have in that room! Have fun! Don't forget to let us know what you decide...God bless!

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