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    Default crack in the ceiling

    My house is 30 years old. In the living room there is a crack that runs down the middle of the ceiling. I believe that it's do to the settling of the house. We have a fine popcorn finish on it. Any suggestions on how to fix this would be very helpful, as I am not sure of what to do. Thanks!
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    Default Re: crack in the ceiling

    You could fix the crack but "if" it was caused by foundation movement the crack will most likely open again. Might want to get a structual engineer or a foundation repair company out to take a look.... Most reputable foundation repair comp will give you a good assessment for no charge.

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    Default Re: crack in the ceiling

    Need a fix ? Check the list

    1. If the crack is small about the width of a few hairs then with clean hands apply a white non-glossy paintable caulk to the area.Clean off the excess with a small damp rag.

    2. If the crack is big, dig out the crack with a small hand tool ( like the point on a painters 5 in 1 ) apply a caulk in thin layers. Next compound over and embed a nylon mesh tape. Mix a small amount of popcorn mix and apply with a crappy brush. It is important to use a stippling or pecking motion and blend.

    things to watch for ... discoloration or soft sheet rock is the sign of water damage.
    gently push up on the ceiling board , if it moves then the sheet rock may need to be tightened up and re screwed.

    Most cracks are a normal part of of home ownership and may come back. But if your walls look like a california fault line or your windows , foundation or doors are noticeably warped the get a profesional inspector.
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