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    Default Foundation Repair

    I have a friend how lives near a creek, which will flood if we have a hurricane or nor’easter come through. Her house has a crawl space and that will take on some water during the flooding, but that’s usually as bad as it gets. She’s noticed her foundation on that side of the house is cracking, form what appears to me as the footing are settling again after it floods.

    Are there any ‘jack’ systems or foundation repair systems out there that would handle this situation? Anyone have any experience with these systems, good or bad? She said she was planning to have the cracks filled in, but I told her she’d have the same cracks reappear if she didn’t fix the problem.

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    I had a similar problem with my new orleans house afer katrina. The house sits on piers and one of the piers was damaged to point where only 3 square inches made contact with the beams. I dug a footer next to the the pier, pour concrete and then used used a house to support the beam. I them removed the pier and rebuilt it from the ground up. Google House Jacks the company I used was in the midwest easy to deal.

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