Hi All-
We are in the process of TRYING to put recessed lights in our 1925 kitchen. We went out and bought some 5" diameter remodel cans because that was the smallest diameter can we could get at that store that would allow 75 watt bulbs. (We need them to light the workspace on the counter tops, not just for ambient lighting)
After my husband cut the three holes in our plaster and lath ceiling, we discovered a problem. Our ceiling joists are just a hair UNDER 5.5 inches deep (either the joists were never standard width or they shrunk a bit over the years)...so the cans bump the bottom of the above floor, and don't sit flush with the kitchen ceiling.
I've been searching for shallow can remodel housings, but they are all a minimum of 5.5 inches deep. I also didn't realize how limited our choices would be in 5" diameter lights...
Does anyone have suggestions on how to solve this problem? Is there such a thing as an EXTRA shallow can recessed light? If so, I can't find it!
Thanks in advance for any input.