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    Default What flooring for unheated cabin?

    We have a cabin that is unheated in the winter for weeks at a time. It is a concrete floor, no moisture problems, but need to cover the concrete. What flooring should I use. I have talked to flooring contractors and one says laminate will work the next says it will not, etc. etc. Some recommend carpet but others say that any glue used will fail when temperature stays below freezing.


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    Default Re: What flooring for unheated cabin?

    That might be true for glue, but unless you're installing indoor/outdoor or commercial carpet, there's nothing that typically gets glued with carpet. In residential, there is a perimeter tack strip that is nailed down and the carpet is stretched and attached to the tack strip. The pad might get a touch of glue to keep it in place, but it's not absolutely necessary, particularly in a lightly used cabin.

    As for laminate, if you're going with a Pergo like product, the tongue and groove is interlocking so no glue is necessary. Regardless of what type of laminate or engineered floor you'd like to use, contact the manufacturer, they will have the information on whether or not their products are rated for freeze or below freeze use.
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    Default Re: What flooring for unheated cabin?

    Make it look like a cabin, put down braided rugs.
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