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    Default frozen shower diverter value

    I haven't used the shower in my second bathroom for a while and when I tried to use it the shower the diverted value wouldn't turn. I have taken value apart but cann't remove value body.(item that turns to divert water to shower)it is frozen its housing. I have been soaking value shaft with WD-40 for two days with no luck. Is there a way that I can free up the value with out having to replace the complete fixture.

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    Default Re: frozen shower diverter value

    If you can't get the valve apart for cleaning and repair, then install a new tub spout with a built in diverter. It won't be quite as good as your current valve set up, but it will work and $10 is better than several hundred or thousand dollars to change out the valve.

    BTW, soaking the valve stem with WD-40 isn't going to do anything if the stem nut and washer are still in place. If you can remove the stem nut and washer then you might be able to use a penetrating spray to loosen the valve stem.
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    Smile Re: frozen shower diverter value

    Try soaking it with CLR, or LimeAway. You might have to leave it soak for awhile, so it penetrates through all the old lime and rust deposits. I have done this, with great success. Sure beats buying a new diverter assembly.

    Good luck.

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