Hello everybody,

We woke up this morning to find that our upright freezer is no longer freezing. We removed all the items that were still frozen and tossed the rest. I check the dial and turned it up higher hoping that the kids had played with it. No luck with that. I pulled it away from the wall hoping that it did not have enough clearance. No luck with that. I made sure the condenser, dryer, and the other electricals were not too dirty.

This is a stand alone Kenmore brand upright freezer, it's about 9 years old, and I have regularly vacuumed or blown off the dust from the condenser, and everything physically looks good on it.

I checked the Sears website for a diagram and then removed the inside access panel for the coil. The coil was not cold, and the fan was running. I know there is a temperature sensor that is clipped to the coil that shuts down the cooling when it reaches a low point, I guess to reduce frost. I was thinking maybe the sensor is no longer working since the condenser does not seem to come on at all. I determined that it was not on because I could not feel any vibrations from it at all. Another theory of mine is that the starter is not starting the condenser motor? I took the starter off and found that it rattles. When I put an Ohm meter across the two female connectors on it (the ones that plug into the condenser) there is no reading unless I turn the starter upside down and for a brief second there is a reading. It seems that whatever is rattling in it comes in contact somewhere between the right side up and wrong side up but no contact when fully in one direction. What I am calling right side up is the side that is up when plugged into the condenser.

So, my questions to the people who know are this.

#1: Is there a way to test the sensor that is clipped to the coil? Can I safely jumper the connection there? My theory is that the sensor breaks the connection to the motor when it gets too cold, and if jumpered it should work, but that frost may accumulate? I could be wrong.

#2: Can I test the starter?

I called the local AP Wagner parts store to ask if they could test it and the answer was NO. Basically, don't ask stupid questions. I asked if they knew if it should rattle, the answer was "It could" Basically, don't ask stupid questions. I asked if they could sell me a new one, and the answer was "We could" Basically......

Anyway, if anyone knows these answers, I would love to know. Maybe someday I can save your day.