I haven't found any info in here about my concern, so here it is.
I recently bought a 1200 sq ft house with a full basement
(basement is dry)exterior wall are cinder block all the way to the rafters, I have torn out the old plaster and poorly installed insulating board, I did this due to poor craftsmanship in other parts in the house. I'm in Michigan with all 4 seasons and intend to heat with a wood furnace only for now anyhow. So what is my best option to insulate the walls with out increasing the wall thickness due to the windows already inset 8 inches,would it be to use 1 in insulating board then furring strips then the drywall, I figure putting the insulating board against the block would reduce air filtration better than trying to cut each piece to go between the firing strips. This house was built in the mid 50's and the block is in real good shape as I have repaired what few cracks were in it. Bloch walls are rare in Michigan and have no experience with them, am I on the right track ? All input is greatly appreciated, Thanks Bob