Please help me.
I am designing my next home, a small craftsman style bunglow. I will be building it myself as I had built my current home (a country victorian). My new home (as my existing home) will have in-floor radiant hot water heat. In my current home I went through the expense and hassel of also putting in duct-work for forced-air central air. I don't want to do that in my next home.
I have seen two systems that I cannot find much information about, except "sales pitches" at manufaturer's websites. The high-velocity mini-duct system and the ductless mini-split system. I would only need to cool about 1200 square feet and all on one level. Could you please give me some advice on what you think would be the best route for my A/C?
Also if you could either give me some suggestions on which manufaturer/system(s) are of better quality or lead me to where I could find some information on comparing systems I would greatly appriciate it.