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    Default Re: How Much To Cut This Tree Down???

    Good grief. IF that's a black locust.....the price just doubled.

    Like Sprucey said.....if it's dead and dried down......tougher than nails on chainsaw chains or any other milling equipment. Jointer and planer better be equipped with carbide blades or figure in the cost of resharpening.

    The wood is comparable to osage-orange in hardness and rot resistance. Would last 100 years as a fence post. Spin it on a lathe and you'll likely see sparks fly off the tools. Vaguely similar to O-O in color and grain.

    Try burning it and you'd better have a very hot bed of coals to get the stuff going. Much like burning hickory.

    I have maybe a dozen 5/4 BL boards sitting over at the shop waiting for the right application. They're about 10" wide x 10' long. Heavier than all get out.

    Mill it into flooring and it'll last 200 years under heavy traffic, me thinks. Woe be to he that has to sand the stuff though.

    Carve it into a sculpture right where it stands. It'll outlive all of us.
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