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    Cool Field Stone Fireplace Facade -- How to

    I have added a fireplace to my 1917 built home. I would like the look of field stone but minus the weight of a full fieldstone Fireplace. I have heard about using real fieldstone to put a Facade around the fireplace giving a full natural look with out the weight.

    Problem: I can not find anything on this topic of how to to. I just want to find out if this is something I can tackle. Or should I settle for the man made stuff.

    Who knows something? ????
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    Default Re: Field Stone Fireplace Facade -- How to

    You install it like you do the man made stuff. The secret is getting the field stone thin enough. Wire mesh, mortar bed, buttered stone.
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    Default Re: Field Stone Fireplace Facade -- How to

    I think you should take a look at Cut River Rock website it is designed for exactly what you are asking. http://www.cutriverock.com

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