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    Question Proper way to remove adhesive before painting wallboard

    What's the best way to remove scotch tape and adhesive from wallboard painted with flat paint? The glue has penetrated that paint.
    Thanks for the advice!

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    Default Re: Proper way to remove adhesive before painting wallboard

    Don't know for sure because adhesives vary........but I think I would first try Goo-Gone.

    Be careful which product you buy as some of their products won't harm dried latex paint, but others will remove it.

    (Ran into a Goo-Gone Max in the store the other day. Clearly states on the back that it will remove dried latex paint.)

    The original product (first in the linked line-up) is supposedly safe for dried latex paint....and has never harmed any for me. When/if in doubt, click on any particular product and read the specifics.

    If you intend to repaint, make sure you rinse the wall well after using the product. I always wash painted walls/woodwork with TSP before overcoating. Again, a thorough rinse is mandatory. Two won't hurt a thing.

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