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    Default Sealing Indoor MDF


    I'd like to know how one seals MDF for indoor use.

    I've read that oil-based sealants are a no-no. I've read the same Re water-based sealants.

    Are sealants specifically formulated for this material available at the retail level?

    Thank you in advance.


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    Default Re: Sealing Indoor MDF

    I have never heard that.

    So, in my ignorance I have a work bench top that is MDF. I had dyed it with some left over Aniline dye which really needs to be sealed so it does not bleed through the finish so I sealed it with shellac, used a sanding sealer and a couple coats of oil based clear finish.

    It has held up great.

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    Default Re: Sealing Indoor MDF

    Never heard of that. I've installed thousands of feet of MDF mouldings, all of which have been primed and painted with latex paints, and there's been no problems with finish durability. What I have run into is moisture problems in the environment where the MDF is installed. DO NOT put it in a bathroom, and think twice about installing it over any surface that will see standing water or even a wet mop - such as kitchens. The moisture will find its way behind the moulding and the MDF will swell like a sponge, the only fix is replacement. In these types of environments use real wood or plastic moldings.

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