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    Default Thinking of building a pergola... couple of questions...

    Hey guys,

    I'm pretty handy with tools, and I usually fix everything myself. I'd like to build a pergola off the side of my house, and I'm not really sure how exactly I should start.

    I have a general idea of what I want to do, but the most difficult part for me is figuring out the supplies that I need.

    Realistically, I only thing I need THREE large posts... but I'm not sure what to get? I think I want cedar, right?

    Are there any good sites or instructions on how to start? I'm not sure where I know to go to buy thick pieces of wood like that, or even where to order it, or... whatever? I'd like to see a few sites to get a good idea of what I hope to do.



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    Default Re: Thinking of building a pergola... couple of questions...

    Take a look at a deck building book. Years ago I looked purchased one by Black and Decker. They still carry the book in the Home Depot and Lowe's book section, I believe.

    You'll also need to look into local codes and likely need a permit. It is a bit cubersome, but they can likely assist you in making sure it's up to code.

    You don't want to build this thing only to have it come down, and potentially hurt someone.

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