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    Default interested in SMALL screened porch

    my house was built in early 1900s,(believed t/b 1908?). off the dining room,i'm interested in a SMALL screened porch - what I mean is something narrow - the width being about the same width of my d/r,10 or 11' by 5' depth...every time I try to communicate this with a contractor he tells me to build more a usable room with glass windows,etc but what i love about old homes in my neighborhood are the just screen rooms off a main room,that's all I want.

    is this unreasonable? how do I communicate this idea to a contractor who will know what I'm looking for. TIA.

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    Default Re: interested in SMALL screened porch

    Howdy, i just added a solarium to my old home it is 6 by 16' but it had limits due to lot restrictions.... it will be a great sitting porch but it will have windows as using the solar heating...
    However have another home with a six by 8 foot screen porch it is one of the homes nicest simplest parts private for coffee and reading screened for no mosquitoes. Its unfortunate that so many have the mind set of bigger is better.
    But you might want to do a use test. In the area where you want a porch place a lawn chair next to the house and sit in it and you will discover that 8' wide verses 5' allows more leg and walk around room. Then a day bed as reclining on the porch is oh so comfortee. You can have the porch built with screen walls and plan it so that it is framed to accept standard windows if you later want to dry it in... Another ideas is to frame it so a few sliding glass doors could later be installed to have a enclosed in porch...

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