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Well, we'll have to have a fire, too... so far we have a peace pipe, boone's farm, I'll bring some single malt scotch... and let the discussion roll.

I agree, morals in principle, in theory, sometimes change in the reality of a situation. It's dangerous to state flatly that one would do this o that, or would not do it, or would not put up with something... because then, sure as can be, the lesson as to 'why' comes along. argh.

I belonged to a church for many years, was an assistant pastor and when the pastor went on to the great pulpit in the sky, was a co-pastor. We had a small board, and some of the members and one board member wanted changes. Only 3 on the board, and a vote was taken that would change the way the church did things and move away from the Christian teachings it was founded upon. After prayer, I had to resign. I could have continued there, in the same position, but would have been a huge hypocrite.

And you've got it right - sometimes we must wear the other person's shoes a while.

Interesting topic, Andy!

thanks Marj...I think so too because it really makes you think.
For me it makes me think about some of the decissions I make in my life from the way I build certain things to realationships to who I vote for.

I think what it truly gets down to, like within most things, is being truly honest with yourself. I think sometimes its OK to go against a core belief for different reasons. I mean examining how that core belief became core to begin with is the first thing...because things do change with time..not saying some things should or have to but its good to do a brain/moral check every now and again.

There were times in my ulustrious building career when I'd do things differently because of my self set morals. Like making sure certain things were "perfect" before I moved onto the next step...but after X amount of years I started realizing that certain steps were OK to leave out...that I wouldn't be sacrificing the integrity of the project. It gave me more time to pay attention to other phases which might not have been as interesting to me but were as equally or maybe even more important within the project. All that gave me more time to complete what I was doing and move on..instead of notoriously getting tied up in the same thing for ridiculously long periods of time so the entire things was "perfect".

An example is...I have a builder friend that does renovations as well that lives near me. He was hired out by a common friend of ours to make some repairs on the exterior of the house. HE had to remove a very old and large decrotive front round column..fix the soffet area, fix part of the rotted column and replace it.
Takes the column down and opens up the wood soffet and sees some rotted non bearing 2x material up in there. He sc****s it all out and orders an epoxy wood through the mail (abatron) then mixes up a gallon and pushes it into the sc****d out area...sands it down, puts the soffet back then needs "more" albatron so charges the customer (our friend) for another gallon and orders up yet more which you have to wait days for being its coming via UPS or FedEx. HE repairs the column and reinstalled it. Customer is kinda pissed it took so long and cost him a serious ($$$$$$ ) bundle in Albatron epoxy. I asked my friend why he used Albatron "inside" the soffet area rather than just putting in another 2x. He said because someone might open it up one day and he didn't want it to look like a patch job. He felt the Abatron became more apart of it all (how zen...lol) rather than a patch.

Personally I think that was nuts! Cost our friend a bundle for something no one would ever see...took forever and everyone became irritated through out the project. But he never veered from what "he believed" to be the proper way of doing things.

I think sometimes no matter what you believe you need to feel where the other person is standing and how important your belief is or are you just living in a tunnel vision stance.

Same with politicians...maybe more so with politicians..and their followers. Just like this Iraq war and a lot of Bush's hardcore fans vs people that see it as a mistake. No matter which side you stand on you need to weigh the true meaning of it all...not take sides. You may swear you'll stick with the Republicans or the Democrats like you and your parents before you but sometimes you need to see beyond party lines...in all that you do.

I'm macrobiotic..have been for three years now faithfully. the diets changed throughout the years because the way the world was when Oshawa started it changed as the years went on so us hardcore macrobiotic people have been open enough to realize some things have to change with the times. Nothing is set in stone.
BE well