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    I notice one day that the water in our house was coming out of the shower and the faucet very slow hot and cold. Could it be the water pressure or is it calcium build up. or is it time to replace the faucets in the house.

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    There's numerous issues that could/would cause some questions to start.

    Bathroom on first floor or second floor?

    City water or private well?

    Was any work done recently on the plumbing in the house?

    If city water the city doing work on lines in your neighborhood?

    How old is the house?

    How long have you lived there?

    Has the pumbing been renewed at some point or is it the original?

    Was the washing machine running or other fixtures running at the time you noticed this .....or is it a constant issue at this shower and faucet?

    Any other fixtures having flow/pressure problems....or just this one shower and one faucet?

    What size is the main coming into the house?
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    If the flow is reduced at all the faucets on both the hot water side and the cold water side....then I'd suspect and look for a
    common cause before condemning all the fixtures themselves.

    There are a number of possible common causes. Here are a few of those..............

    Do you have a whole-house filter in place? Is it clogged? (I seriously doubt that very much because I'm sure you'd suspect it
    and would have changed it by now)

    Is there a PRV (pressure reducing valve) on the incoming main? If so....these devices don't last forever and require periodic
    maintenance and/or replacement.

    If there is a PRV and there is a screen ahead of that unit, that screen may well be clogged. Or the PRV internal springs may
    need to be replaced.

    It's possible that the lines themselves are indeed restricted with lime/calcium deposits. 13 years wouldn't normally cause that
    much restriction in the lines themselves, but it's possible I guess.

    More possible is that that every fixture in the house has become clogged/restricted with lime/calcium deposits. If so, this should
    be readily observable by removing the showerhead and looking inside. If clogged with deposits, try dropping the head in a
    container with some CLR for 10 minutes or so.

    Same holds for the faucets. Try removing the aerators and see if there's deposits there and what the flow is like with the aerator
    removed. If the aerators are obviously limed up, CLR.......or replace with new ones.

    If the washing machine is also filling slowly, remove the hoses and inspect the screen in those couplings.

    The aerators and showerhead, etc may be clogged with plastic bits from a disintegrated water-heater dip-tube. (13 years would fall right into the most suspect water-heater
    category..........*if* your water heater is the original to the house)

    If you remove a faucet aerator and see tiny bits of off-white plastic inside......suspect a failed dip-tube. Although the dip tube would only dispense these particles into the hot water flow, they would lodge in faucet aerators and showerheads .....also restricting
    the flow of the cold water from the fixtures.

    Or.......has anyone mistakenly turned the main valve partially shut? Or maybe turned the adjustment on a PRV? Got any kids/grandkids?

    Another possibility is a water softener that hasn't been regenerating properly and is now "channeling" or has its media clogged with "stuff" that hasn't flushed out as it should have during regeneration.
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