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    Default cutting ceramic 12 x 24 tile

    I want to tile bathroom floor and shower walls. I was told it was no problem to cut 12 x 24 tile to 12 x 12? Your opinion. Thanks

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    Default Re: cutting ceramic 12 x 24 tile

    Cutting tiles of any kind is not a problem, the problem is, will that cut edge look like the factory edges? If you're using a glazed tile, no, and it will not look good to put a cut edge against a factory edge. Some unglazed tiles can be cut and butted together and look good. Just depends on the type and style of tile you're using.
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    Default Re: cutting ceramic 12 x 24 tile

    Might as well buy a 12x12 tile if that's what you need.

    But I saw a video here by Joe Ferrante where he demonstrated how to cut glazed ceramic tiles. That would be useful for you.
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