Our 1952 brick master bungalow has the original single-pane, metal casement windows. The 2nd floor windows have exterior storms. Marble windowsills throughout. LOTS of windows. Replacement windows aren't in the budget.

The windows are set into the wall about 4". There's a 1.5" piece of wood trim set at a right angle to the windows, but the rest of the inset is plaster. Both wall and trim are painted.

I'm considering the 3M-type plastic flim to cut heating costs. I understand that if I go this route the windows will be inoperable until the film is removed.
  • Is this type of product typically attached to trim? Or to the wall?
  • The handles and crank stick out approx. 3" at the deepest point. Is attaching the film to the trim even a possibility?
  • How does it impact the paint? Is there a difference in impact between putting it on the wood trim or the plaster?

I would appreciate any/all comments/answers/suggestions. This issue is both window and heating related, so I'm cross-posting.

Thank you!