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    Default Polished Brass Trim for Fireplace

    I have a gas fireplace, two sided, i.e. a see-through type. One side is rock hearth style finished, while the other side is sheetrock finished, up to the fireplace metal box. I would like to trim the sheet-rocked side with polished brass on all 4 sides.

    Brass Dimensions required are:
    1. 36"x3" wide w/slightly beveled edges to prevent cuts and scratches to individuals.
    2. I would need 4 pieces of this material
    3. Brass should be approximate 12 gauge to 16 gauge.
    4. Although this is decorative trim, it should easily resist minor dents, hence a heavier weight metal, than 16 gauge, might be more desirable.

    1. I have contacted multiple metal supply companies with no success.
    2. I have searched on line with no success.
    3. The gas fireplace companies I've contacted have brass for 3 sides, but NOT for 4 sides.

    I need help locating a company who can provide the required product at a reasonable price?!
    I can live with a width of a little greater than 3" or slightly narrower than 3".
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