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    Question Winterizing house in New York?

    My utilities in New York are so expensive I would like to turn off the heat in my rental property (which is vacant) for the entire winter. Do I need to empty the water heater or is draining all the pipes enough? I realize I should put antifreeze in the toilet. Should I also put it in the sinks and tub? How do I know all the water is out of the dishwasher?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Winterizing house in New York?

    I'd say it can't hurt to put anti freeze in most things except something that may get sealed up.
    For the dishwasher I'd use RV anti it through the rinse cycle for the last time and when you fire'r back up in the spring run it a few times to clean out all the anti freeze.
    Far as the water heater...I'd think if you open up all valves and drain the water from the bottom of the WH...leaving all valves open you should be good to go but I'd dbl check with my utility company rather than take a dumb carps word for it
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