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    Default Removing 30's or 40's era floor covering from concrete floor

    I removed some carpet in my basement, and underneath it is some kind of old paper type covering. I have sc****d some of it up, but it is slow going. I am unsure what type of floor covering it is, so my Google searching is fairly fruitless. I'm not sure if it is a cutback adhesive, or some type of tar or asphalt adhesive. Maybe if I can explain the floor covering, someone can help me to name it.

    The covering is about 1/8" thick, with a floral pattern (it looks like a rug). The adhesive is black and sticky like tar paper in the summer (sorry, only way to explain it). It's one piece, approx 12' x 10'.

    I only plan on covering the floor with some latex waterproofing masonry paint.

    If someone could help me out with the name of this flooring, and maybe some other techniques that will work to remove it(besides scraping), I'd gladly appreciate it!

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    Default Re: Removing 30's or 40's era floor covering from concrete floor

    Sounds like you are describing linoleum.
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