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    Default top soil trouble

    I recently filled a reatining wall with topsoil obtained from a local hauler. The site faces south west so it gets alot of sun. I do not water alot the problem is it groes moss!! alot and only a few plants grow well. I have not put any mulch down till this is corrected. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: top soil trouble


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    Default Re: top soil trouble

    Most "top soil" that you purchase is little more than garbage soil with sand and a touch of compost added. The sand breaks up the clay, the compost gives it color. The problem is not enough compost or organic material to really change the composition of the soil, you still got garbage soil. Adding manure in particular, but large amounts of any organic matter will greatly help the fertility of the soil.

    Moss growth on fallow, bare ground is common. I recommend improving the soil with organic matter, then plantings with drip irrigation at the plants, then a thick layer of mulch which will help keep weeds and nasties down to a minimum. If you've got a problem with weeds, then you may want to spread preemergent before the mulch is laid.
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