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    Question Hose bib

    Could anyone tell me what the procedure or (code) is for installing a hose bib that runs through a deck. I don't know if this is even allowed now a days,I have seen it on older homes only.
    Thanks, Scott

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    I would check with your local codes to find out whether or not you can run a water line through your deck. If you can do the job, here are couple items that may be helpful to consider.

    Avoid destroying the structural integrity of your joists when you run your pipe.

    Don’t drill any holes less than 2” from any edge of the joists ,and don’t notch anywhere near the middle third of the length.

    That said you may want to just strap the pipe to the lower edges or sides of the framing.

    If freezing is a concern in your area, you may want to run the water lines through a chase that can be insulated with spray foam. I’m not sure if wrapping the pipe with pipe insulation would be enough.

    Also, before running the pipe outside of the house, install a shut off valve with a drain cap. It’s a little knurled knob on the side of the gate valve that turns to open and allow air in. This helps drain the pipe completely, when It comes time to winterize the outside run.

    Check out Richard Trethewey installing a freeze proof faucet in an old TOH HomeOwner's Handbook:,00.html#

    It should be helpful if you decide to set up your bib at the house wall. You can see one of those gate valves with a drain cap in one of the photos.
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    They have removed that tutorial.

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    As far as I know there is no code restrictions other Than not damaging the integrity of the structure. You don't mention where you live but if you are subject to freezing, you want to install it so the line can be shut off and completely drained for winter. PEX would be best to use as it will expand if frozen rather Than bursting. Enclosing in a trace filled with foam would probably provide little protection because the bib is exposed to the freezing temperature and will conduct the cold to the piping.

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