I was doing a job for someone in a 1950's cape. My electrician installed three outlets and some other things for me.
My customer asked about grounding all the outlets in the house. Approx 24 of em'. Small house.
My sparky told me he pushes a 10' copper grounding rod into the ground outside ..just on the other side of the main panelbox in the basement...
he connects the grounding rod and panel box...that I get...what I don't get is how he turns all the two wire feeds (there's no third wire in the protective fabric) in the house into two wire with a ground. He adds new outlets replacing the two prong old ones then adds a grounding wire from the new recepticle to the old metal boxes...he mentioned something about the old (in good shape) casings/insulation/protective fabric which he says is made from asbestos?? That he can get a grounding off of that????
Sounds too weird to me...can anyone explain what they think he means before I go back and ask him myself.