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    Default Remove old socket

    Hi, I have an old electrical socket that I'd like to get rid of and patch up. Can i cap the wires and just leave them in the wall? What is the proper way to do this?

    My initial thought was to cut the wires where I have access in the basement, but it turns out its in the one part of the basement where i dont have access. So, im left with leaving them in the walls hot.


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    Default Re: Remove old socket

    Wires and connections must be terminated within an accessible box. The only way you can abandon something is if it's truly de-energized. Can you trace the circuit back to another location and terminate the wire there? If so, then you can patch the wall, if not, then cap the ends of the wire and put a blank cover on the box. You can paint or wallpaper the cover to blend it into the wall.
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