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    Default new hot water installed, new pvc, no pressure in ONE faucet

    1st question: We just installed a new GE 40-gallon tank and subsequently replaced hot water piping horizontally (with pvc) in the basement. Our pressure is reduced significantly in the upstairs bathroom sink, tub and shower (hot and cold). We did unscrew the faucet, so it is not an aerator screen clog. We're confused because of the diminished cold water pressure also?

    2nd question (possibly related although not for diminished cold water pressure in tub/shower): Does the flow of cold water into the water heater affect the pressure of the flow of hot water out? We do have our main water valve and the water valve over the new hw heater opened all the way....

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!

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    Default Re: new hot water installed, new pvc, no pressure in ONE faucet

    Cold pressure in = hot pressure out.

    Lift up on the relief valve handle on top of your tank to see if all the air is out.
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