Anyone get good at it yet?
Every time I get started I get distracted. Any program like this takes a good while to learn not to mention some dedication.
I bought Denis Fukai's book "3-D Construction Modeling"(Sketchup)
Its a great book that comes with a really good CD. I can't imagine a better book. There's also Sketchup For Dummies but the Youtube videos they refer you to are worthless IMO. Really unclear.
Denis' book/CD is the best IMO.

I've gotten through some of the basics but haven't gotten any further and when I go back I can see all thatI've already frustrating.
What a great tool Google's come up with yet again!
I need to dedicate two full solid days to it and then keep going back to keep up...its up there on my list.
Anyone have any good success with it?
Be well