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Remind me again why you can't brew your own stout ****ie?

Excuse me?

Oatmeal stout?

Maybe. Depends.

Iffin' ya want a recipe for some good imperial stout......I got that. Iffin' ya want a recipe for some of that west coast stuff that's passed off as stout........can't help ya. I don't like stouts that taste like sand mixed with waste oil any more than you do.

I did finally find a good pale ale on the market though. Point (made in Stevens Point, WI) Probably not available where you are.
Aw come on, you know I was just flinging a little poo in your general direction.

I may do a stout, my palate has broadened quite a bit in the last few years. You ought to try my PA, I think you'd like it. It's quick and easy to do, my last two batches fermented out in 3 or 4 days.

That does sound like a wassail recipe. We do a similar one, though we don't put the alcohol directly into it. We make it up, then put it into a crock pot to keep it nice and toasty all day long. Add a touch or two of rum when you pour yourself a mug and you're good to go. It's great as a virgin too.