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    Question How do I strip paint of these weird door hinges?

    I live in an apartment built in 1940. The door jambs are metal, and have hinges that are inserted into the door frame. The part of the hinge connected to the door is screwed on, but the part connected to the jamb looks like it is part of the jamb - it simply juts out, no screws are visable.

    Of course, these hinges have been painted over for 60 years, and I was thinking of either replacing them or stripping them, as I paint each room. Now I realize I can't get them off the door jamb! How do I strip these things? I can't remove them. If I strip them, I have to do it while they are still connected, and without damaging the paint around them.

    I've never seen hinges like this. Has anyone else? Any ideas?

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    Default Re: How do I strip paint of these weird door hinges?

    You can mask around them with tape and newspaper, don't use plastic, or you can scrap them.
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    Default Re: How do I strip paint of these weird door hinges?

    Carefully tape the hinge off from the jamb (protecting the jamb, not covering the hinge ), then use a gel type paint stripper. There as some that are water clean-up and bio-degradable, I'd try these first because they are a little more user and environmentally friendly. If you need to take it up a notch, there's plenty of choices out there. Here are two sites that offer great info on strippers.,00.html

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